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Data Services


Dedicated and shared Internet Access

Local tail access is available with different technologies and interfaces, from a shared ADSL to a 10Gb Ethernet our Connectivity services portfolio offers cost-effective solutions to always match the client’s requirements.

  • Ethernet – up to 10Gbps;
  • NDSL – up to 24Mbps;
  • BDSL – up to 50Mbps;
  • Wireless – up to 1Gbps.


Global connectivity and competitive pricing

IP Transit provide the best route selection for your destination to the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, offering carrier-grade service to telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP), content players, and other users demanding high-quality performance and connectivity into the Internet backbone.

  • BGP or static routing configuration;
  • Black Hole;
  • Multiple Tier 1 IP Transit providers;
  • Direct connection with Portuguese; Internet Exchange Point (GigaPIX).


Customized solutions to meet your needs

Supported by an extensive domestic local network infra-structure, Ar Telecom can provide a high quality point-to-point services with speeds that range from 2Mb up to 10Gb.

Ar Telecom’s metro network is available in the major Portuguese cities. It’s a Layer 2 service which provides intra and inter-metro connectivity, offering point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity between sites.

Different service levels are also available on a per site basis.

Local tail Fiber (Ethernet, SDH)
Copper (Ethernet, SDH,DSL)
Wireless (Ethernet, SDH)
Duplex Full
Bandwidth 2Mbps to 10Gbps
Dedicated and shared
Contention ratio 1:1, 1:2, 1:10, 1:20: 1:50
Traffic limit Uncapped
Point of Delivery Lisbon
Options 4 Service Levels
Managed Services
CPE Installation and Maintenance

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