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Cloud Services


Cloud computing, storage and disaster recovery

Ar Telecom Virtual Data Centre utilizes the latest virtualization technologies, to offer businesses a new way of managing IT infrastructure, to deliver on-demand computing resources quickly and easily.

Depending on your business specifications we are able to provide public, private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions.

Ar Telecom offer proven experience, solid service level agreements, application migration expertise, managed storage services and security services.

Ar Telecom’s VDC service provides:

  • Virtual Machines.
  • Distributed Computing and Storage.
  • Integration with physical data networks.
  • Complementarity to bare metal and housing offers.
  • Disaster recovery solutions and distributed replication for all major hypervisors.
  • Backup solutions to virtualized and physical infrastructure.
  • Access to optional managed services like database and server administration among others.
  • Software licensing.

For more information or any questions concerning your needs in the portuguese market, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: +351 21030 1030
Fax: +351 21030 1300
Email, please use our contact form